Disaster Preparation in Ft. Myers, Estero, and Gateway, Florida

The Ft. Myers, Florida area—and all of the Southwest florida coast really, which also includes Estero, Lehigh Acres, Naples, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Marco Island, among other communities–is known for its many yearly storms and hurricanes. Residents have just come to expect that these will occur frequently during certain times of the year. It is for this reason that there are a lot of things the authorities will do to get their citizens girded with disaster preperation. There are things available to do if you live in or are visiting the area. And these precautions should be taken by all of these people for both their homes and businesses. To help their citizens get ready, the authorities of Ft. Myers, Naples, Estoro, Lehigh Acres, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Marco Island and Estero of Southwest Fl have all put together and are distributing helpful disaster preperation planning kits, a planner for homes and a separate plan for a business. These are very efficient but very simple plans that take into account all manner of both water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage emergencies.

Although both water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage emergencies can and often are caused by non-weather related events, the authorities of the Fort Myers and surrounding towns recognize that they are both the biggest end results of the areas many annual storms and hurricanes. First of all, if you know a storm is imminent, you should board up your windows to protect the glass and to keep broken pieces from flying dangerously through the air. The various city authorities have also prepared individual plans for each family that tells them where to go in an emergency situation. This is something very carefully planned by the authorities to make the evacuation process as smooth as possible.

No such plans would undoubtedly create only chaos, confusion, and probably more injuries, damage, or even death. All of the preparedness planning cannot be on the authorities, though. Each family needs to plan out the safety procedures in their own home prior to any evacuation. In addition, you yourself will need to know which professionals to call if you have damage that needs repairing or the water mitigation process that needs to be done immediately.

You may even want to talk things through with them before anything happens. The best of such businesses will go beyond simply restoring damaged but fixeable items. They will also do everything in their power to help you restore sentimental items that are seemingly beyond any repair. For this sort of thing there are tests available that will indicate whether any repair is even remotely possible. All decent companies, though, will complete the water mitigation process.

A person who receives a plan for his home should share the plan with his family who lives in the home and a person who receives a plan for his business should share the plan with all employees who work at the businesses. A disaster can occur in your community. It can happen to you. However, knowing some basic information about the different types of disasters and what you can do to get ready will help to make things feel less frightening and overwhelming. So if you live in, often visit, or have a business in this area, are you prepared for an emergency in Florida?

SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers is a great company to contact if you have any questions or needs with fire or water emergencies. You can contact them directly at http://www.servprocentralftmyers.com or by calling (239) 334-8700.


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