Handling a Fire Loss in Ft. Myers, Florida

Handling a Fire Loss in Ft. Myers, Florida

Homes and businesses in the Ft. Myers, FL area that suffer from fires can result in devastating structural damage. Such personal disasters can be emotionally draining for families who have lost a home or employees who have lost their place of work. Remodeling professionals who handle fires of great loss do not just deal with the construction part. They must also take into consideration the feelings of the people who lived or worked in the affected structure. Finding a contractor who is empathetic is important. After the fire is safely out, the owners of the home or business in Florida affected should call their insurance company. They will need as much information as possible, such as where the fire occurred and how many rooms were damaged. The insurance company may also ask what type of fire it was (i.e. grease, electrical). This is also information that the restoration contractor will need.

Homes and businesses can easily be restored after fire damage in these Florida areas: • Estero • Naples • Ft. Myers Beach • Lehigh Acres • Marco Island • Sanibel Island After the first call to the insurance company and the restoration contractor, the site will be inspected for fire damage. When the fire department has deemed it safe, inspectors will do a thorough investigation as to what type of fire occurred and what will be needed to restore the structure to its original state. They will probably formulate a timeline for the necessary work. In some cases, a full demolition may be needed and a new structure built. They will take water damage, soot damage, and smoke damage into consideration. At this point, home or business owners will be allowed to take as much of their undamaged property out of the structure. Water damage from fire usually brings great loss, and there may not be a lot of things to rescue. There are some contractors who can take damaged goods to another site to be cleaned and repaired. It just depends on what has not been affected by smoke, water, and soot. When the cost of reconstruction has been estimated and all the documentation is in place, work can begin.

People who live in Estero, Naples, or Ft. Myers Beach who suffer great fire loss may have to have some demolition work done before construction begins. The situation is the same for victims in Lehigh Acres, Marco Island, or Sanibel Island. Lighter soot damage, water damage from fire, or smoke damage may only require restoration. Air quality is important; so the contractor will use HEPA vacuums to deep clean carpets from soot particles. Other belongings in the structure will be cleaned efficiently at an off-site area. During the whole process, the restoration contractor will be in constant communication with the owners of the home or business.

After all of the restoration is complete, the air ducts will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned to get rid of soot and to ensure good air quality. The insurance adjuster will do a final inspection to make sure that everything is done satisfactorily. Items that went for off-site cleaning will be returned and put in their proper place. A fire that caused great loss can be more challenging that mold remediation or simple water damage restoration. For residents of Ft. Myers, FL and surrounding areas, there are competent restoration crews who are trained to do the fire damage restoration right.

SERVPRO of Central Ft. Myers is a great company to work with when you experience a Fire loss. Check out their website at http://www.servprocentralftmyers.com


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